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        Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
        The current position:Home > Product > Type 11 pipe cutting machine
        • CG2-11 Magnetic Gas Pipe Cutter

        CG2-11 Magnetic Gas Pipe Cutter

        Detailed instructions:

        Video display

        Product advantages

        This model of the cutting machine utilizes magnetic material to make the workpiece to be magnetically-attracted to the cutting machine platform, (the overall attraction force is greater than 45kgs) to guarantee a constant-speed and stable cutting during the operation. It can be used for seamless steel pipe with thickness greater than 5mm, for sphere steel material with either vertical or inclined plane section cuttings.

        Cutting pipe diameter: > 150mm.

        Cutting accuracy: <1mm for 1000mm Circumference workpiece.

        Cutting thickness: 5-100mm (larger cutting tips can achieve greater cutting thickness).


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