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        Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
        The current position:Home > Product > 150 profile cutting machine
        • CG2-150A Profiling Gas Cutter (Improved-Model)

        CG2-150A Profiling Gas Cutter (Improved-Model)

        Detailed instructions:

        Product advantages

        This machine is based on CG2-150 Profiling Gas Cutter (Improved-Model), with an increased operation arm length and related auxiliary components in order to equip with larger templates. The operational workpiece diameter can reach 1800mm Max., comparing to the 600mm Max. which can be achieved by the CG2-150 Profiling Gas Cutter (Improved-Model).

        Technical Parameters

        MODEL NO.UNITCG2-150CG2-150A
        Overall size(L*W*H)1190×350×8001350×350×800

        Cutting thickness


        (Big cutting tips is better for thicker cutting)

        Cutting speed


        Max. cutting diamete


        Cutting line length


        Max. cutting square siz


        Max. cutting rectangle size

        400×900  450×7201700×340 500×1650

        Input voltage


        Total weight



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