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        Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
        The current position:Home > Product > Small CNC cutting machine
        • ZYNC-2100X Small-Scale Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

        ZYNC-2100X Small-Scale Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

        Detailed instructions:

        Video display

        Detail image


        Product advantages

        ?This mini portable CNC cutting machine consists of: main micro-controller (motherboard) is produced by Sino-USA joint-venture, Taiwan-manufactured transmission slider, Italian gas solenoid valve, Taiwan switching power supply that has passed USA UL certification, Germany software. All the hardware and software are with the top-quality configurations among the same categories of the products.

        ?The machine is easy to operate while achieving highest steel utilization. It can be used to directly manual programming through the system display for simple cutting patterns and shapes, and it also can be automatically programmed for any complex cutting patterns. The auto-program software is provided with the system. With supplied software, it not only can do single-piece cutting, but also can perform multiple-piece parallel, cascaded, and bridged (single-cut-for- multiple-pieces) cuttings. It improves the steel utilization for 1-5%.Extremely high programming memory and storage configuration: It can store more than 1000 drawings for complex cutting patterns. It loads the designed cutting pattern drawings fast and easily, and save time and increase the efficiency by avoiding to repeating input of the cutting patterns.

        ?High cutting accuracy: Diagonal length deviation small than 1mm for 500mm><500mm square workpiece, and the roughness of

        the cutting section is smaller than .

        ?There is no dross on the cutting backside.

        ?We also provide optional systems for plasma electrical-arc cutting and gas flame cutting technologies according to customer's requirements.

        ?Reliable and stable, anti-lightning, and anti-electromagnetic disturbance.

        Technical Parameters

        Model No.

        Cutting scope 


        Power voltage 


        Cutting torch group

        Flame cutting speed


        Travel speed of whole machine


        Total weight of whole machine (kg)



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